Areas of Practice


  •  Entertainment/ Intellectual Property Litigation

    The Firm’s practice includes entertainment and intellectual property litigation.  Specifically, the Firm handles contractual disputes relating to motion picture distribution, production, and financing as well as disputes involving music industry related issues.  The Firm also litigates copyright, trade secret, and trademark matters on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

  • Real Estate Litigation

    The Firm handles all aspects of real estate litigation including disputes over secured loan transactions, leases, purchase and sale contracts, and agent and broker liability, as well as construction defect litigation, neighbor and homeowner association disputes, unlawful detainer, and judicial foreclosure and receivership actions.

  • General Business/Commercial Litigation

    The Firm’s business litigation practice includes the handling of corporate, partnership, and limited liability company disputes, contract actions, business torts, and numerous other facets of commercial litigation.  The Firm has experience with third-party creditor claims, fraudulent transfers, pre-trial writs of attachment, and enforcement of judgment proceedings, among many other legal procedures.

  • Legal Proceedings Handled By the Firm

    The Firm represents clients in state and federal court.  The Firm handles clients’ litigation needs from pre-filing efforts to resolve disputes, to pretrial discovery and motion practice, mediation and settlement conference proceedings, through trial and/or arbitration.  The Firm also represents its clients in appeals and other appellate matters.

  • Representation of Out of State Clients

    The Firm represents out of state clients who have been sued or are suing in California.  For example, the Firm has obtained dismissals of California lawsuits against out-of-state defendants, both as a client’s sole attorney and on behalf of law firms practicing in other jurisdictions.  The Firm has also assisted out of state law firms as local counsel representing clients engaged in litigation in California.


  • Real Estate Law

    The Firm’s real estate practice includes preparation, review, and analysis of real estate purchase and sale contracts, deeds of trust, and foreclosure documents, title analysis and documentation, real estate secured loan transactions, and lease preparation, negotiation, review, and analysis for both commercial and residential properties.

  • General Business Advice

    The Firm provides legal advice to a variety of business concerns and their principals.