The Law Offices of Harold J. Light is an A.V. Rated General Civil Practice which emphasizes business, real estate, and entertainment/intellectual property litigation. We at the Law Offices of Harold J. Light assess each client’s needs and attempt to resolve matters, wherever possible, without a fight. However, when litigation is necessary, we take the fight to the other side and confront any and all challenges head on, while providing the highest quality legal services. If you have a dispute, you want an attorney who cares about your problem and who will go above and beyond the call of duty to see that your matter is resolved in a satisfactory way. Harold Light is just such an attorney.

The Law Offices of Harold J. Light has a varied practice. This includes representing clients in a wide variety of litigation matters as well as giving sound advice on a myriad of legal issues.
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Hal Light has been litigating in Southern California for more than 30 years. His firm has enjoyed a great deal of success for its clients. The Firm’s successes have been in, among other areas of law, motion picture and music related litigation, various types of real estate litigation, and assorted business litigation matters.
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Whether you are an individual or a business entity in California with a legal problem, an out of state client who needs help in California, or an attorney in another jurisdiction who needs the assistance of local counsel in this State, the Law Offices of Harold J. Light is here to serve your needs.